The Future of Europe


What’s in store?

We at the EPP Group in the European Parliament have organised some fun virtual and educational activities for you, your family and friends! These activities will run, not only for ‘Europe week’ 3rd – 8th May, but also for the whole month of May!

We hope you will take this opportunity to have fun, learn more about the EPP Group in the European Parliament and at the same time have the possibility to win great prizes for your participation; Post COVID Trips to Brussels, medals and certificates for the lucky winners. One young person will be extremely happy, the winner of the Essay competition winning a 5-month traineeship with our Group in Brussels.


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Taste of

recipes & demonstration
EPP Group Quiz

Test yEUr Knowledge

EPP Group Quiz

Imagine the fEUture

drawing competition
EPP Group Quiz

A Snapshot of Europe

photo competition
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YOU are the Future of Europe

essay competition

Taste of Europe

Recipes & Cookery Demonstration

Join us for a culinary delight.
Travel with us through the ‘Tastes of Europe’
‘EXTRA’: On the 6th May from 12:00 to 13:00 (CET)

One of our main events will be the LIVE cookery demonstration showcasing traditional European dishes on Thursday 6th of May from 12:00 – 13:00 (CET) (this will also be broadcast on the European Parliament website).  In advance of the ‘Cook off’ we will have recipes available for download from each of the 27 Member States, selected by Members from your national delegations as their favourite national dishes so that you can cook and eat them at home!

Join our Cookery Demonstration when a professional chef will cook the favourite recipes of 4 of our EPP Group Members (one from each of the three official places of work of the European Parliament and one from Portugal, the holders of the current Council Presidency of the European Union):

  • Tom Vandenkendelaere (BE)
  • Anne Sander (FR)
  • Christophe Hansen (LU)
  • Lidia Pereira (PT)

Test yEUr Knowledge

Fun Quizzes

Active until: 14th June 2021

Feeling like learning some new facts on the European Union?

Searching for a fun and innovative way to introduce the EU and its institutions to your children or pupils?

Or maybe just looking for a challenge?

Either way, we’ve got you covered!

Check out the EPP Group exclusive quizzes on the EU and its institutions. You can choose between our two models: a “family friendly” one, recommended for young Europeans, families or even classroom exercises; and a “challenge yEUrself” mode, designed for more EU experts and pros.

Have fun, relax and enjoy! Each quiz consists of a set of 25 questions.

Imagine the fEUture

Art Competition

Deadline: 14th June 2021

Are you another De Lempicka or Picasso?

We would love to discover the next European art talent!

You can win a trip to Brussels, the home to many of the Great European Art Masters such as Bruegel and Magritte and the home to the most famous comic strip illustrator of them all, Hergé, creator of ‘Tintin’!

Why not enter our Art competition and show us through a painting/drawing or through an animated comic strip your vision on one of the following themes?

  • How you see your future in Europe?
  • What does Europe or being part of the European Union mean to you?
  • What is it you like about Europe?
  • How do you see the future?

You may choose between two different art mediums:

  • A painting/drawing
  • A comic strip story

To apply you need to:

    1. Paint, draw or design your art piece
    2. Upload your work below
    3. Submit

Find out more under Rules and Conditions of the competition. LEARN MORE

A Snapshot of Europe 

Photography Competition

Deadline: 14th June 2021

Are you a photo enthEUsiast?
Do you have a keen eye?
We would love to see the world through your lens.

Why not enter our EPP Group Photography Competition and win a free trip to Brussels, the heart of the European Institutions?

Send us a photograph that represents how you see Europe or how you feel about Europe.  Use your imagination! Your favourite sight, Place, City, Country, People.

What we are looking for is a ‘glimpse of Europe’ through one photographic shot:

    1. Take a shot
    2. Upload your work below
    3. Submit

Find out more under Rules and Conditions of the competition. LEARN MORE

YOU are the Future of Europe

Position Paper Essay Competition

Deadline: 14th June 2021

Are you a European undergraduate or graduate student passionate about shaping the future of the EU?

Do you want to win the chance of becoming the EPP Group’s next trainee?

Then this is the right place for YOU:

Welcome to the EPP Group 1st Position Paper Essay Competition!

At the EPP we are looking at the next generation of policy makers to invite them to fight a problem that affects them first-hand, especially within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic: Youth Unemployment.

We want to hear your answers and proposed solutions to the question below posed by Manfred Weber, our EPP Group Chairman, during our conference on #JobsJobsJobs in March:

If today’s generation is the best educated ever, but currently the biggest problem is unemployment, what is going wrong?  What are you expecting from the EU to provide a good future for the younger generation?”

To apply you need to:

    1. Write your paper (which must be in English and a maximum of 2000 words)
    2. Upload your work below
    3. Submit

Find out more under Rules and Conditions of the competition. LEARN MORE